Maci & Bentley
Maci is your classic teenage overachiever -- popular, athletic, and successful in school. She had big plans to go away to college and have fun with her friends and her boyfriend Ryan -- but everything changed when she got pregnant in high school and had her son, Bentley. Now that she's a teen mom, Maci has to say goodbye to all her friends who are leaving for college, and stay behind to take care of her baby, enroll in online courses at the local state school, and plan her wedding to Ryan.

Maci & Ryan live together, and their relationship has been rocky since she first got pregnant, but now that Bentley is almost a year old, their parents are pressuring them to get married. Maci never planned to marry young, and Ryan isn't great fiancé or a great father. When they aren't fighting, Ryan is out of town for work, and she's not sure if staying with him is best for Bentley. But Maci discovers that being a teen mom sometimes means putting your own dreams on hold to do what's best for your child.