High school cheerleader turned single mom, Farrah is facing the challenge of raising her daughter Sophia without her baby's father in the picture. Farrah lives at home with her mom, Debra, who helps with childcare but also nags Farrah about every decision -- especially about how to take care of Sophia.

Farrah wants nothing more than to keep dating and have a normal teenage life, but her family constantly reminds her that she's a teen mom, not a normal teenager -- and she shouldn't be going out all the time. Farrah thinks she can have it all -- and tries to juggle work, culinary classes at the local college, a modeling career, and a social life, on top of raising her baby. But under pressure from her family, she can't keep all the balls in the air, and will have to decide between dating like a normal teenager and being a good mom for her daughter Sophia.