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Maci does her best with co parenting with Ryan AND NO "PACI"

Maci and Bentley and the night with out the "paci"
We don't doubt that Maci's completely over her relationship with Ryan (plus, it doesn't hurt that she's head over heels for Kyle), but as we saw on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," she's definitely having a difficult time figuring out how to co-parent with him. After a sleepless night trying to wean Bentley off of his pacifier, groggy-eyed Maci dropped Bentley off with Ryan and specifically asked him to keep their son off of the "paci."

Sure enough, when she went to pick him up, she found that Ryan completely ignored her request. Was that right of Ryan to ingnore her request Maci told her friend over the phone when Ryan dropped off Bentley on the Valentines Day episode and Ryan's new girl friend was in the car and she didn't get out of then car to meet her that she didn't feel comfortable with that  and maci still has yet to even know her name knowing what she does know isn't good enough for her as i believe it shouldn't.

The night she came to get Bentley from Ryan's parents house the  girlfriend was the one to tell Maci that Bentley got hurt and bumped his mouth and i don't think if the girlfriend would have then Ryan would have at all   so was it right for Ryan to ignore his ex girlfriend Maci's request to not let Bentley have the "paci " seeing how when she went to pick him up Ryans house that he was found sleeping with it and the fact that he tried to cover it up saying it must have just been just left there from before or something when i think Ryan knew good and well that was not the case  he  gave it to him.Feel free to tell me what you think ??

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catelynn tyler and phone reccords

On the most recent  episode of "Teen Mom," Tyler realized that he just couldn't look past Catelynn's lying and that for them to move forward, with there engagement  they'd need to attend couple's therapy. It was a very mature decision on his part, and his unwillingness to just throw in the towel is inspiring, but he's not really convinced that Catelynn's in it for the long haul because of her lying to him about talking to the ex in Florida . At the end of the episode, he decided the only way he could truly believe her was to go through her phone records along with the therapy

I think if they continue going to therapy for both of there depressions in the loss of giving up baby Carlie.  Catelynn's willingness to being totally open and honest about the things that she has been lying to Tyler  about.  That things between the two of them will get better. I know how much Tyler  loves Catelynn.  I  think Tyler put so much energy into giving love toward Catelynn after giving baby Carlie away. And not dealing with his own stresses of that.  It being so emotional for both of them. And  after he knew that Catelynn got some what better after going to the mothers retreat.
That he felt like he could deal with his own  loss of Carlie  that he probably slipped away from her just enough that she felt like she still needed someone to talk to even though after going to the retreat she did get to feel a whole lot better and Tyler since he was dealing with his own grief by this time  and wasn't there for her as much as he had been before the retreat. That she found some sort of comfort in the ex i don't think since being engaged to Tyler that she should have but she still needed someone to talk to and someone to hear her thoughts   . And im just thinking. That maybe that is why she started talking to the ex boyfriend who lives in Florida. When Tyler stopped being there for her emotionally there for her.And maybe that's why she started talking to him because she felt like Tyler had stopped being there for her as much as he had been because he felt that she had gotten better after Catelynn's telling him that after returning home to him from the retreat. That  he felt like whew now i can grief since she is doing better now its my turn  and  dealing with his own he wasn't there for as much as he had been because he wasn't needed as much to be her emotional support like he had been  before she left .And  because Tyler must know that for a mother to give up her child is harder for a woman than it is for a man to and it was his turn since she told him she was feeling better about it because she got to got to the retreat   please feel free to comment and tell me what you think i would love to hear from you

Maci's Baby Daddy Ryan Is Such an Idiot

Catelynn and Tyler -- the pair who gave their kid up for adoption -- are going to couples' counseling. Self-help savvy Tyler's upset that Catelynn's got all these walls up and has been acting up by chatting with her ex, whom Tyler didn't know existed until recently. Eeeps! He wants to trust her, but he's having trouble. Man, these kids are bonded by their kid, but maybe this just isn't meant to be. After all, should 17-year-olds really be doing couples' counseling?

Then there's poor Maci. I get the whole "she's made her bed ..." thing, but man, her baby daddy Ryan is SUCH an idiot. Maci's trying to get little Bentley off of the binky -- apparently 18 months old is too old? -- and he's having a rough time. That's what's so great about this show. It's probably the only one on TV where you see real moms dealing with these everyday parenting issues.

Teen Mom Ryan and Bentley
Ryan takes the easy way out when it comes to Bentley and the binky.
Anyway, Maci's naturally worried about papa Ryan plugging the pacifier into little Bentley's mouth whenever he acts up in the slightest. He seems like he'd take the easy way out, and let her deal with the consequences. Plus, she has plenty of reason to worry. Ryan still hasn't bothered to introduce her to his new girlfriend, who's been spending time with Bentley. And it's the girlfriend (who actually doesn't seem that bad) who ends up telling Maci that poor Bentley had a big time accident, banging his little noggin on a table, while Ryan was "watching" him. Ryan probably wouldn't have bothered to mention it at all -- and Maci would've watched it on TV with the rest of us. Oof. Anyway, all of this really has Maci thinking hard about whether she should introduce her new beau, Kyle, to Bentley. She says she could see herself marrying Kyle, albeit "in like 20 years," so she knows that Bentley's gotta approve.

And of course, no Teen Mom recap would be complete without the next chapter in the saga between Farrah and her abusive mom. After icing Farrah out during Sophia's birthday party last week, Debra still hopes she'll get to spend some time with her grandbaby. But she's still denying that she's done anything wrong. Still, she plea bargains so that the case can get resolved. That doesn't mean that Farrah's forgiven her though. Debra even brings Farrah's old baby book to their meeting to show how much she loves her. Farrah hangs tough though. Her parents' financial support comes at too great an emotional cost. She seems to be a lot better off without her mom's interference -- even if that means she has a hard time paying all her bills. I'm sure a lot of us can relate to that!

What did you think of this week's episode? What did you think about the binky?

amber and gary engament should they marry or should they not

Amber and Gary in Florida
I think for the fact that they fight as much  as they do and the fact that they fight in front of little Leah. No they should not. She did a good thing by getting out of garys apartment. And moving into her own was a good thing for her. Because she wanted to stop leah from seeing her mom and dad fighting all the time. Was a good thing. But then and for amber to see that she and Gary fighting in front of little Leah was smart of her and trying to stay away from him a little bit. Or to the best of her ability was a  good thing. But then  she let gary in and that was not such a good idea at all. For the fact that gary has proposed 3 times. And amber has admitted she is the one who broke all three engagements that they are NOT ready at all for that kind of commitment to each other. I understand that she wants her little family but at what cost is that going to be for Leah i think if they do get married they will be separating and divorcing before they even before they get there and get to saying i do  so tell me what you think

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VIDEO ‘Teen Mom’ Season 2, Episode 4 ‘Spring Break’

Is there any doubt in anyone‘s mind who will take home this year’s Emmy Award for worst proposal?
In Episode 4 of the second season of Teen Mom Amber and Gary pack up the minivan and head down to Florida to stay with Amber’s uncle. As you might expect, the trip down is an unpleasant 16-hour scream fest that concluded (appropriately) at a Crabby Joe’s restaurant. Gary, Amber Leah, Amber’s dad, uncle and her uncle’s girlfriend settle in for a meal in which the topic of marriage is once again brought up, to which Amber replies that it’s not up to her.

One thing leads to another and eventually we find Amber and Gary alone on the beach and the world is treated to its most argumentative proposal ever! (I’ll type it up later – it’s really spectacular in its horrible awkwardness.)

Meanwhile, in the rest of Teen Momville, Farrah continues her struggles with her mom as they meet up to talk about their future. Debra plays the “Farrah’s baby book” card but it’s clear Farrah isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones yet. It’s hard to fault her when you consider the emotional and physical abuse she’s been through. Plus, she’s 18 and living on her own so she has the right to make her own decisions. Right?
She later has a night out with a friend and seems to be enjoying herself, but would later break down when talking about her daughter’s deceased father Derek.
Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham shows off her legs in a pair of plaid tights
(^ In case you missed it, here’s a photo of Farrah Abraham’s plaid party tights!)
Maci meets Ryan’s new girlfriend Kristyn and they seem to get along even though Ryan was his usual moronically stoic self and didn’t introduce them to each other. Maci liked the fact that Kristyn told her Bentley had hit his mouth on the table, but those feeling might change when she watches the episode and sees Ryan’s butterfingers and Bentley’s vicious face plant on the coffee table!

Kyle pays Maci a surprise visit and finally gets to meet Bentley, which is a clear indication that Maci is falling for him big time!

Catelynn and Tyler were my favorite couple from seasons 1 (16 and Pregnant) and 2 (Teen Mom) but their contrived storyline this season is starting to get a little annoying – its as though the MTV producers told them they had to come up with some drama or they’d be off the show. I kinda liked Tyler and Catelynn as the petty dramaless “exception to the rule” – serving as a nice mature contrast to a lot of the other relationships on the show.

Here is a bonus clip of Catelynne and Tyler talking to the counselor individually. (Meh.)

By popular demand I’ll close this post out with that hunk o’ hunk o’ burnin’ love Gary – sans his patented skin-tight t-shirt!
Teen Mom's Gary Shirley

Teen Mom Amber Portwood: I Lost 65 Pounds!

Whoa, mama!

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood says in the new Us Weekly (out now) she's "been chunky my whole life." That's a thing of the past: since giving birth to daughter Leah (with boyfriend Gary Shirley, 23) in November 2008, the MTV reality star has lost an impressive 65 pounds!

PHOTOS: Amazing post-baby bodies!

"I was looking in the mirror and I thought, I don't like this. I'm only 20. I need to kick it into gear," the 5-foot-4 Indiana native, now 118 pounds, tells Us Weekly of her post-baby body.
How did she do it? Out with mac and cheese and sweets and in with lean meat, fruit and vegetables -- plus two-hour cardio and weight sessions four times a week. (The Krav Maga disciple is even gearing up for her first martial arts competition.)

PHOTOS: Stars who've slimmed down this summer

"The first time I tried on jeans after I lost weight, there were a size one," Portwood reveals. "I thought, there's no way. This is crazy!"

PHOTOS: Who's expecting next?

"I'm more comfortable in my skin," she adds, noting that her beau Gary "really likes" her new shape. "Who wouldn't?"

Farrah moves out on her own was it what was best for her

I totally believe so i think a lot of people have gotten the wrong idea for what kind of a mom Farrah has been why because her parents especially her mom Debra has always done what ever she could to get and be in the way Farrah is still a teen and yes now she is a mom to Debra does not in my eyes give respect to her daughter.

For  Farrah there have been signs at least in my eyes for not only physical but also emotional abuse from Debra one of the things about the disrespectful at least in my eyes was there was a time when the two of them were living together when Farrah asked Debra to not come in and get baby Sofia in the morning because she wanted her to sleep even if she was awake to leave her alone because Farrah wanted her to go back to sleep and to not disturb her from allowing that to happen by coming in to get her Debra at the time said nothing to Farrah totally ignoring  her. When morning came..... In comes Debra and takes baby Sofia out of the crib while Farrah was sleeping.

I think now that Farrah has moved out on her own i think a lot of people will start to see yes she will make mistakes and yes there have even been a few since she has moved out but  every parent does. No one that i know of in my own personal life who is a parent has ever claimed to be the "perfect parent " i know i am not one of them and i know if others were honest with there self's they would say the same thing too .

Problems continue for teen moms

When MTV's Teen Mom series debuted in late 2009, the show was lauded for its brutally honest depiction of adolescent motherhood. Each of the featured girls showed viewers that parenthood isn't something to idealize, and that having a child so young introduces many obstacles.

In its second season, Teen Mom is continuing its PSA theme; these young women may have had a chance
to adjust, but problems keep coming. Maci must sue her son's father for child support; Amber worries about a second

pregnancy while her boyfriend considers breaking up; Farrah has an assault case against her mother; and Catelynn must move back in with her mother.

MTV walks a fine line between educating and exploiting, but the network does deserve credit for keeping the same cast for Season 2. Some had worried that, as a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom would encourage teen viewers to have a child in the hopes of getting famous.

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MTV's 'Teen Mom' Makes For Teaching Moments

Teen Mom- TV Reality Show
From the Kardashians to the Real Housewives of wherever, there's no denying America's fascination with reality television. But much more interesting than what's happening in any of those households is what's happening in the homes of Farrah, Amber, Maci Catelynn, and several other girls who are featured in two MTV series about teen pregnancy.

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom follow a small group of high school girls and their often feckless boyfriends as they go from being teens to being teen parents.

The point of the shows is to have teens demonstrate to their peers how hard it is to become responsible for a baby before you're really responsible for yourself. Cameras follow the young mothers-to-be as they make tough decisions about their lives, like dropping out of high school, either because it's too exhausting or to escape being gossiped about.

Eventually, the viewer goes right into the delivery room, where laboring mothers sometimes have to mediate between possessive boyfriends and protective mothers. There are no overtly graphic shots, but there are plenty of whimpers, gasps and grunts — enough to give viewers a clear idea that labor is very hard work.

"And you know what's funny?" says Amy Kramer, director of media relations for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, a nonpartisan D.C. nonprofit organization. "Pregnancy is the easy part — it's the parenthood that's really, really difficult."

According to Kramer's organization, teen pregnancy dropped about 40 percent between 1990 and 2004, which is good news. The bad news is that the United States still has the highest number of teen pregnancies in the fully industrialized world.

But if these MTV shows have anything to do with it, those numbers will drop even further.

'It Seems To Be Breaking Through'

MTV started thinking about a show on teen pregnancy in 2008, when Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn, announced she was pregnant. A few months later, 17-year-old Bristol Palin became front-page news when she revealed her pregnancy as her mother was running on the Republican presidential ticket with John McCain.

Liz Gately, vice president of series production at MTV, says that when producer Lauren Dolgen pitched an idea for a reality series based on teen parenthood, she thought it could be the catalyst for an intense national conversation.

Teen Mom Farrah's Shocking Family Secret

On Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's father Michael is so calm and level-headed that he seems like he couldn't hurt a fly, but Star has learned that Michael allegedly beat up Farrah's ex-boyfriend twice after catching them in bed together!

When Farrah was dating her baby Sophia's now deceased father, Derek Underwood, her dad allegedly went after the 16-year-old with his fists, according to police reports. In a photo obtained by Star, Derek is even seen with a black eye and swollen cheek.

Michael — who maintains his innocence — never had to face a judge though, because, as Star recently reported, Derek died tragically in a car accident on Dec. 28, 2008. In a statement to Star, Michael said in part, "I have always protected my daughter Farrah and my granddaughter, Sophia — her unborn child at the time — as I have had to, will, and always will to protect my family from harm."

Pick up this week's issue of Star, on sale now, to read the rest of Michael's statement and get all the details on Farrah's family drama.

Should Tyler Go Through Catelynn's Phone Records

On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," Tyler realized that he just couldn't look past Catelynn's lying and that for them to move forward, they'd need to attend couple's therapy. It was a very mature decision on his part, and his unwillingness to just throw in the towel is inspiring, but he's not really convinced that Catelynn's in it for the long haul. At the end of the episode, he decided the only way he could truly believe her was to go through her phone records.

Should Tyler back off and let the therapist help them work through their issues with deception, or is it better that he take matters into his own hands?

Is it a good idea for Tyler to go through Catelynn's phone records?

Please Comment

Maci Opens Up About Co-parenting With Ryan

We don't doubt that Maci's completely over her relationship with Ryan (plus, it doesn't hurt that she's head over heels for Kyle), but as we saw on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," she's definitely having a difficult time figuring out how to co-parent with him. After a sleepless night trying to wean Bentley off of his pacifier, groggy-eyed Maci dropped Bentley off with Ryan and specifically asked him to keep their son off of the "paci." Sure enough, when she went to pick him up, she found that Ryan completely ignored her request.

Check out this week's "Teen Mom After Show," where Maci opens up to SuChin Pak and talks about the difficulties of sharing responsibilities with Ryan. Audience member Marissa (and teen mom herself) knows what it's like to look like "the bad guy" and completely understands Maci's frustration.