Thursday, August 12, 2010

Problems continue for teen moms

When MTV's Teen Mom series debuted in late 2009, the show was lauded for its brutally honest depiction of adolescent motherhood. Each of the featured girls showed viewers that parenthood isn't something to idealize, and that having a child so young introduces many obstacles.

In its second season, Teen Mom is continuing its PSA theme; these young women may have had a chance
to adjust, but problems keep coming. Maci must sue her son's father for child support; Amber worries about a second

pregnancy while her boyfriend considers breaking up; Farrah has an assault case against her mother; and Catelynn must move back in with her mother.

MTV walks a fine line between educating and exploiting, but the network does deserve credit for keeping the same cast for Season 2. Some had worried that, as a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom would encourage teen viewers to have a child in the hopes of getting famous.

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