Thursday, August 12, 2010

Farrah moves out on her own was it what was best for her

I totally believe so i think a lot of people have gotten the wrong idea for what kind of a mom Farrah has been why because her parents especially her mom Debra has always done what ever she could to get and be in the way Farrah is still a teen and yes now she is a mom to Debra does not in my eyes give respect to her daughter.

For  Farrah there have been signs at least in my eyes for not only physical but also emotional abuse from Debra one of the things about the disrespectful at least in my eyes was there was a time when the two of them were living together when Farrah asked Debra to not come in and get baby Sofia in the morning because she wanted her to sleep even if she was awake to leave her alone because Farrah wanted her to go back to sleep and to not disturb her from allowing that to happen by coming in to get her Debra at the time said nothing to Farrah totally ignoring  her. When morning came..... In comes Debra and takes baby Sofia out of the crib while Farrah was sleeping.

I think now that Farrah has moved out on her own i think a lot of people will start to see yes she will make mistakes and yes there have even been a few since she has moved out but  every parent does. No one that i know of in my own personal life who is a parent has ever claimed to be the "perfect parent " i know i am not one of them and i know if others were honest with there self's they would say the same thing too .

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