Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maci does her best with co parenting with Ryan AND NO "PACI"

Maci and Bentley and the night with out the "paci"
We don't doubt that Maci's completely over her relationship with Ryan (plus, it doesn't hurt that she's head over heels for Kyle), but as we saw on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," she's definitely having a difficult time figuring out how to co-parent with him. After a sleepless night trying to wean Bentley off of his pacifier, groggy-eyed Maci dropped Bentley off with Ryan and specifically asked him to keep their son off of the "paci."

Sure enough, when she went to pick him up, she found that Ryan completely ignored her request. Was that right of Ryan to ingnore her request Maci told her friend over the phone when Ryan dropped off Bentley on the Valentines Day episode and Ryan's new girl friend was in the car and she didn't get out of then car to meet her that she didn't feel comfortable with that  and maci still has yet to even know her name knowing what she does know isn't good enough for her as i believe it shouldn't.

The night she came to get Bentley from Ryan's parents house the  girlfriend was the one to tell Maci that Bentley got hurt and bumped his mouth and i don't think if the girlfriend would have then Ryan would have at all   so was it right for Ryan to ignore his ex girlfriend Maci's request to not let Bentley have the "paci " seeing how when she went to pick him up Ryans house that he was found sleeping with it and the fact that he tried to cover it up saying it must have just been just left there from before or something when i think Ryan knew good and well that was not the case  he  gave it to him.Feel free to tell me what you think ??

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