Friday, August 13, 2010

catelynn tyler and phone reccords

On the most recent  episode of "Teen Mom," Tyler realized that he just couldn't look past Catelynn's lying and that for them to move forward, with there engagement  they'd need to attend couple's therapy. It was a very mature decision on his part, and his unwillingness to just throw in the towel is inspiring, but he's not really convinced that Catelynn's in it for the long haul because of her lying to him about talking to the ex in Florida . At the end of the episode, he decided the only way he could truly believe her was to go through her phone records along with the therapy

I think if they continue going to therapy for both of there depressions in the loss of giving up baby Carlie.  Catelynn's willingness to being totally open and honest about the things that she has been lying to Tyler  about.  That things between the two of them will get better. I know how much Tyler  loves Catelynn.  I  think Tyler put so much energy into giving love toward Catelynn after giving baby Carlie away. And not dealing with his own stresses of that.  It being so emotional for both of them. And  after he knew that Catelynn got some what better after going to the mothers retreat.
That he felt like he could deal with his own  loss of Carlie  that he probably slipped away from her just enough that she felt like she still needed someone to talk to even though after going to the retreat she did get to feel a whole lot better and Tyler since he was dealing with his own grief by this time  and wasn't there for her as much as he had been before the retreat. That she found some sort of comfort in the ex i don't think since being engaged to Tyler that she should have but she still needed someone to talk to and someone to hear her thoughts   . And im just thinking. That maybe that is why she started talking to the ex boyfriend who lives in Florida. When Tyler stopped being there for her emotionally there for her.And maybe that's why she started talking to him because she felt like Tyler had stopped being there for her as much as he had been because he felt that she had gotten better after Catelynn's telling him that after returning home to him from the retreat. That  he felt like whew now i can grief since she is doing better now its my turn  and  dealing with his own he wasn't there for as much as he had been because he wasn't needed as much to be her emotional support like he had been  before she left .And  because Tyler must know that for a mother to give up her child is harder for a woman than it is for a man to and it was his turn since she told him she was feeling better about it because she got to got to the retreat   please feel free to comment and tell me what you think i would love to hear from you

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