Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maci Opens Up About Co-parenting With Ryan

We don't doubt that Maci's completely over her relationship with Ryan (plus, it doesn't hurt that she's head over heels for Kyle), but as we saw on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom," she's definitely having a difficult time figuring out how to co-parent with him. After a sleepless night trying to wean Bentley off of his pacifier, groggy-eyed Maci dropped Bentley off with Ryan and specifically asked him to keep their son off of the "paci." Sure enough, when she went to pick him up, she found that Ryan completely ignored her request.

Check out this week's "Teen Mom After Show," where Maci opens up to SuChin Pak and talks about the difficulties of sharing responsibilities with Ryan. Audience member Marissa (and teen mom herself) knows what it's like to look like "the bad guy" and completely understands Maci's frustration.


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