Friday, August 13, 2010

amber and gary engament should they marry or should they not

Amber and Gary in Florida
I think for the fact that they fight as much  as they do and the fact that they fight in front of little Leah. No they should not. She did a good thing by getting out of garys apartment. And moving into her own was a good thing for her. Because she wanted to stop leah from seeing her mom and dad fighting all the time. Was a good thing. But then and for amber to see that she and Gary fighting in front of little Leah was smart of her and trying to stay away from him a little bit. Or to the best of her ability was a  good thing. But then  she let gary in and that was not such a good idea at all. For the fact that gary has proposed 3 times. And amber has admitted she is the one who broke all three engagements that they are NOT ready at all for that kind of commitment to each other. I understand that she wants her little family but at what cost is that going to be for Leah i think if they do get married they will be separating and divorcing before they even before they get there and get to saying i do  so tell me what you think

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