Saturday, August 21, 2010

Teen MomM Amber and Gary "The Easter Bunny "

Amber and Gary made it home from Florida the house they left in total disarray and bath water still in the tub   i know if it would have been me going on vacation i would have cleaned cause there would be nothing better than coming home to a nice clean house its bad enough having to unpack and get all cleaned up that would have not been something i would have wanted to put my self in to on purpose but that's just me.

So Easter finally arives and gary comes in all ready and dresses the part for his daughter Leah with basket in toe and then its off the grandma carol's  for dinner. And once they get to his moms house its off with the bunny suit for Gary but the bunny suit was a big success for everyone . And then  Amber decides to tell them that she and Gary are getting married or that he proposed and that they want to get married in Florida with her family. And that they are gonna like help  find a way to help his parents get there for the wedding since they are gonna do it in Florida then Gary's dad Chris  asks who is gonna help us figure that out and Amber" says me  " and then she tells" so now i am planning the wedding now  and I  want to have it at the beach in Florida." and says " of course you guys will be coming out and we could like help you guys with like coming out " Chris then asks "whos paying for it ?" Gary then says well maybe we can talk to your family meaning amber and see if there is any way they can stay with someone there cause of course if they get help to get there there gonna need a place to stay. Chris says" no, no" then Amber says to Chris "why are you saying it like that" Chris says "no not with that family " and Amber says "my family " she then tells Chris what he said "was rude and it isn't cool " and  Gary's mom says" that he wasn't cool with staying with her parents if that is what she was looking to have them do"  and Amber says to Gary i am gonna say what i want to say and i am not gonna talk about the wedding anymore if family's cant get along by this time Chris has left the table Gary's mom says" lets enjoy are Easter dinner" Gary and Amber doing some bantering back and forth  then she says she wants to leave and she gets up from the table.

Gary soon calls her and tells her she needs to come back to finish there Easter dinner and even gets in the car to go get  her and during there phone call  she and Gary have a big fight over the phone and he comes and packs things for him and leah to stay at his moms house and while they were on the phone she did what she always  does or what she always has done in the past which is to tell him to pack his stuff and move out of her place . So once again she " BREAKS IT OFF"  and tells him to get packing and move out again once again.

Gary ends up spending the night with his mom and baby Leah  and he brings Leah back in the morning.And Gary then says" he is sorry about yesterday." Amber then asks him "why is he sorry??" Gary says " he is sorry that he wasn't there at there house like he should have " but that "the only reason why he left is cause he didn't want things to get worse."  Amber then tells Gary " if were engaged then treat me like your fiancee  Gary you don't understand when you proposed to me and then you say things and you bashed me as a mom yesterday " Gary then said " I didn't bash you as a mom , i wanted to be able to let you sleep " Amber then says " you don't say stuff like that to me after you ask someone to marry you"

Gary then says " well guess what i am here and i am not leaving i am here" and Amber asks " When are you gonna leave next ??" Gary says "never  " Amber says "we are fiancee now if were gonna get married, then things need to change." Gary then says " Ok Amber i am trying so hard , i love you can we get passed this can we all i want to do is get passed this so i can be happy with you, he asks do you want to get married" and Amber says it hurts her" and Gary says " we cant honestly get married like that with you being sad " and Amber says "then fix it " and Gary says "how do we fix it then Amber says "fix it " Gary says " can we stop fighting and give me a kiss "  so it seems there is some serious work here between these two litlle love birds that they need to work out for sure i think if they stop the bickering and bantering back and forth and trying to find a way to argue over everything all the time things for them might be ok in the end but only time will tell and we shall all see. what time will tell for Amber and Gary they have been together for four years but that and baby Leah are no reason for either one of them to stay. feel free to tell me what you think i would love to hear from you as always