Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Teen Mom’ recap: “Secrets and Lies”

Maci thought Ryan’s new girlfriend wasn’t half bad and she didn’t mind her being around Bentley,  Maci probably felt this way since was getting ready to start a relationship of her own, with close friend Kyle. Amber and Gary got engaged again (yawn). Farrah was still pissed at her mom and refused to communicate with her parents (double yawn). However, she did break down a few walls, mainly the one that surrounds her feelings regarding Sophia’s dad. Catelynn and Tyler started going to couples counseling, because Tyler felt that he could forgive Catelynn for her lying, but he couldn’t forget.

While “Forgetting isn’t as easy as forgiving, that’s if you really forgive in the first place” was last week’s lesson courtesy of Tyler and Catelynn, this week’s lesson has to do with knowing when to call it quits. So in other words, Lesson No. 5 of Teen Mom season two is “No matter how hard you push, you can’t move a brick wall with just your bare hands.”

Now, no one here is condoning giving up without trying. But it does get to a point where no matter how hard you ‘try’ you’re not going to change the person, they have to choose to change on their own. And we’re primarily looking at Amber and Gary’s relationship when we say this. Honestly, you’d have to be blind not to see how hard they push one another to change. And if you pulled out a tape measure, you’d find that they both budge, well, pretty much just as much as a brick wall would when you’re pushing it with your bare hands.

It really is awesome that they’re trying to make it work, the best way they know how, but it has to reach a point where they accept that their relationship just might not work. And I can confidently say, from the edited film MTV has been airing, that these two just don’t work well together. I have no idea what they have in common, aside from a fear of being alone and Leah.

The lesson as whole also includes exhausting every option at your disposal and making sure you’re satisfied with what you’ve tried before you walk away. And you’ll also want to make sure not to burn that bridge when you walk away. I think this is a valuable lesson not just for Amber and Gary to grow and mature, but also the emotional development of their daughter Leah, who has to witness her parents fighting day in and day out. Sometimes you got to stop pushing and just walk around the wall. 

Now let’s get up to speed with the girls. 

It looked like Amber, Gary and Leah’s Easter was off to a good start. Amber was still happy to be engaged and Gary dressed up in a bunny suit to spread the holiday cheer. And then they went to Gary’s house for Easter dinner, which was where everything took a turn for the worse. Amber mentioned how they were engaged again and as soon as she started discussing the wedding plans Gary’s step dad was not feeling it, because he obviously hates Amber’s dad, no idea why. And Amber of course stormed out of the house, which resulted in yet another fight between her and Gary during which they threatened each other with their engagement status. So Gary headed back to his mom’s house with Leah in an attempt to defuse the situation. And, like clockwork, they’re back together the next day exchanging apologies.

Maci decided it was time for Bentley to meet Kyle, so she takes him down to Nashville for a weekend trip. Not normally the shy type, Bentley hid in the corner until he warmed up to Kyle, but he wound up liking the dude, who totally looks like he could be his dad, even though we know he’s not. And Maci wasted no time laying down the rules of the relationship, if her and Kyle are going to be together, putting an emphasis on how she has to consider the impact it could have on her child. She seriously is one of the most mature teen moms, and we’re not just talking about on the show.

Farrah gets scammed, if only she didn’t feel the need to upgrade her car situation all because she wanted a sunroof and power locks. So, here’s what happened, she sold her car and the person lived out of state, so they sent her a check for the price of the car and shipping telling her to deposit the check and wire them the cash so that they could pay the shipping overnight, which she did, without thinking, ‘hey, why don’t they just take the money out of the checking account this check is from instead of having me do it through my account?’ So yeah, she wired the money before the check had a chance to clear and it ultimately bounced leaving her overdrawn by about $3,000. But don’t the moms get paid to be on this show? Like, if The Jersey Shore people get paid, why wouldn’t teen moms, you know, the ones who really need the money? Oh, and Farrah taught us the art of making a homemade diaper!

The trust level between Tyler and Catelynn plummets to a new low when she let him know that she had been in contact with her ex more than she originally let on. So the word selfish got thrown around, as well as Carley’s name, which, yeah, was kind of messed up, but an understandable defense mechanism on Catelynn’s part. It’s so painful watching them fight, it really is.  And Catelynn’s mom wasn’t of much help since she was in a bad mood. But as soon as Tyler’s mom sat him down for a talk she broke through. She pointed out how his anger with Catelynn really has to do with issues inside himself and it’s easier to blame her. So Tyler, of course, apologized to Catelynn, which was perfect timing since the phone records he requested had just come in. But he didn’t want to see them, because according to him, if he’s going to trust her, he needs to start somewhere and looking at the records would just be moving backwards when he wants to move forward.

Next Week:
Maci is moving to Nashville with Kyle and Bentley may have called him daddy, Gary is bummed that Amber can’t handle the GED test and she is offended as heck, Farrah’s down with the speed dating game and Catelynn’s mom lashes out on her for what seems to regard the adoption.
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