Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Maci and Bentley go to Nashville to see Kyle

Maci decides to take her self and Bentley to Nashville to visit her friends in college and to see the new beau Kyle for the weekend since this is kyle and Bentley first meeting kyle tries to warm up to Bentley and to pull him out of the corner he decided to hide in after Kyle gets there to get the ball out and to play toss the ball with Bentley all in all there first meeting went well.

The also while there went and played miniature golf and played at the race track and hit balls at the ball pin Bentley didn't but he did a good job being a cheer leader for momma Maci  and with the race track  you would think with Bentley being so young that he might be really scared and freaked out but no he was a little scared no crying though and he did have a few smiles Kyle even changed a diaper for Maci she told him he was the pro and met her expectations with the diaper changing and she talks to him about being with her and since that is what they are doing that they are the package deal they come hand in hand and they come as a combo
I think there will probably be lots more with this boy Kyle to come since Maci can even see her self some day marrying him one day she said in the after show this week when talking with the host of that that she and  Kyle and she have know each other since they were like 6 or 7 years old and that he has always been there for her. And that he did know about her being with Ryan and he also knew about the fact that she had Bentley with Ryan she said they have always been the best of friends and that there love that they have for each other grew out of the friendship that they have always had which she said she never had with Ryan at all  so i think she has gracefully let Ryan go for good and hopefully Ryan will do the growing up he needs to do the only thing i sorta worry about which i still don't know about is between Ryan and Kyle how they will get along since i think Kyle may be in it with Maci for the long hall since Maci used to be his and no longer is but seeing how Ryan has moved on too i don't really know that will happen since she has met once again the new love in Ryan's life and since Ryan told her that she is good and plays and has fun with him when Bentley is with him that she should not have any worries and she can now focus on her own new love Kyle so happy for the both of them YEAH FOR MACI AND KYLE feel free to tell me what you think i would love to hear from you as always