Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maci contimplates moving to nashville to be with Kyle

Kyle and Maci in Nashville saying good bye
Maci and Kyle have now been seeing each other for a few months now.  And as we all know she has been traveling a lot to Nashville a lot  to see her new beau Kyle quite a bit. Kyle wants to be close to her and has given her the idea for her to move closer to him.So as to not have to keep traveling so much back and fourth so much he wants her to come and stay there. Were he is at as well as a lot of her friends from high school who moved that way to go to school too .
  Maci and Kyle start off the show riding dirt bikes which is something that they both share in common and both seem to have a lot of fun doing together. Maci to me sees quite unsure as she is about moving to Nashville so she talks to some friends from back home from  her community college about what they think. And even checks with the community college to see what it would take she has only been in the community college for 3 semesters and didn't do so well the first 2 but did fine the last semester they tell her she could move and transfer and there shouldn't be any issue moving to Nashville has some things to defiantly consider.
      Yes she will get to be with Kyle a lot more she will be closer to all her friends from high school but she will be two hours from Ryan her own family's support and not only Ryan but his support and his family as well and Maci talks to Kyle about her moving there as well he asks if she has told her parents yet since that seems to be

       Something on Kyles mind and she tells him No but she says she thinks it just might be a possibly for her anyway. she also to me doesn't seem to considered with what Ryan or his family might think about what she is doing she also says she never sees her self away from Kyle and thinking she is in this one for sure in for the long haul i dont really know that the  timing is all right for her to leave not only her own family but Ryan's too even though they are no longer together and they both have seemed to have moved on  What he might think might need to be something she considers lets all not forget to tell me what you all think cause i would love to hear from you thanks