Friday, September 10, 2010

Farrah takes mom to counsling

Farrah starts the show with meeting with her attorney for the case with her mom and finds out. That he has gotten a letter from Debra's attorney for the case. To say that she has paid her fine , done her community service project and has completed counseling. And that now she and Sofia are now safe to see her. nd they in his eyes both seem to have a stubborn streak and in order for things to simmer and get better they both need to work together and they both need to give and take a little more than they have in past for baby Sofia's sake if she wishes for her daughter to have a relationship with her grandparents.  

      Even though Farrah clearly  has lost the trust she used to be able to have with her mom. And she feels like her  mom just checked all the things off the check list to get to her baby and  just to see Sofia. And since she has started counsling of her own she decides for sofias sake that maybe she does need to give her mom a chance and try to patch things up with grandma Debra.

       Even though Farrah and Debra have gone though a lot she sees a need for Sofia's sake to try and work things out with her so she calls  her mom.  And Farrah asks Debra to come with her to counseling so that  the counselor can help them work things out.Debra comes to counseling. And the counselor asks them both what they would both like to see happen ? Deba says that she and farrah used to be like best friends and that all she would like to see is for her daughter Farrah to be happy. Farrah says she is trying very hard to get back to a place were she is "happy " .

       A few days later Farrah and her mom Debra meet for coffee after taking advice from both the counselor and the attorney for her side of the case and she and her mom talk about how she likes living on her own and they talk about potty training for Sofia. Debra tells her also that she and Micheal would really like to watch Sofia more now. And Farrah she plans to take them up on there offer and she said that only after she saw the way Debra and the way Sofia and her were interacting and singing the itsy bitsy spider she said that maybe both the counselor and her attorney were right and maybe they are doing the right thing  .  

      And if i had advice to give Farrah after what Debra did to both Sofia and Farrah i know if it was me i would still be cautious even though she was my mom and also say that Debra still has a lot of work ahead of her and that the trust that was lost  i think still needs regaining Debra going for coffee with her and going to counseling in no way still makes up for what she did and she still has trust she needs to regain with her i would still do as her attorney advised for them to do as to have some one else present for a long while and for her to stay with Sofia for a while when she is visiting grandma Debra because there still is the issue of regaining of trust to re build with her daughter Farrah  and grand daughter Sofia.
        That she her self needs to work on not that Debra needs to have a continuous punishment for what she did but just so Farrah can re gain the trust she lost with her in Debra doing what she did i think a lot more activities like the coffee shop should continue to happen before Farrah should leave her daughter Sofia alone with Debra and Micheal too not that Micheal couldn't be left alone with her i am just saying feel free as always to tell me what you think i would love to hear from you

next up on my agenda for the blog is Maci,Kyle and Ryan and the arrangements for more time in all the right places so be looking forward to that one .