Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Amber's birthday

happy birthday to amber she has been feeling down since she failed her practice test  for the GED but  once awake this morning she is hoping  it will be a better day because its her birthday. Gary and Leah make mommy breakfast of pancakes and apples. Gary asks Amber what she wants to do for her birthday she says  " to go dancing with the chica's " and have some girl time. Gary agrees and says Ok  well then i will watch Leah so that you can do that then  .

        Gary doesn't even attempt to spend a lot of time with Amber for her birthday though  but Gary and Leah do go shopping for a girft for mom Amber and Leah picks out her mom a teddy bear Gary then runs errands while she gets ready for her night out with the girls and takes his friend along for the ride for errands and then decides that he would like to go to Amber tells him no its her night off and she is going out with her girls he then tells her to find a babysitter then she says no gary that was not the deal you told me you were gonna watch Leah and they get into yet another fight a few phone calls later amber accidently hangs up on him with her cell phone which pisses off Gary and she tells her friends see he is trying to ruin my birthday plans cause now he wants me to find a baby sitter because he wants to go with her when that wasnt the plan from the get go trying to get there support and they are left sitting and waiting on Gary

And she tells him to once again come and get your shit once again but once he shows up he brings her a birthday cake which i don't even think they took the time to eat because Amber had made plans to go out with the girls and that is just want she intended to do they kiss and make up and she says to the girls lets go out and off to partying she goes to a under age club to hang with the girls Hope Amber had a great birthday even though her fighting with Gary wasn't her  highest moment she seemed over it pretty fast once he showed up though  feel free to tell me what you think i would love to hear from you  

next up on my agenda for tomorrows blog is Farrah and Debra and counseling and all Farrah went though this week on teen mom season 2

she is up next come back tomorrow