Monday, September 13, 2010

Ryan confronts Maci about moving to Nashville
Maci  seemed fairly certain that she was ready to take a chance and move to Nashville -even though she worried Ryan wouldn't be OK with it Ultimately, her fear came true when Ryan threatened to take her to court if she left town with Bentley and went to Nashville .

Ryan talkes to his parents at the start of the show this week about trying to get a more 50-50 custody arrangement and they get more time with Bentley  seeing how currently  they only get him every other weekend and on Wednesday when Maci is in school . Then Ryan goes to take Bentley back to Maci and takes his girl friend   Catherine along for the ride.

         And  she talks to Ryan about if he plans to talk to Maci about spending more time with Bentley he tells her "no it will just be a fight " however Ryan would like to get a day more a week to spend with him  then Catherine asks Bentley " you want to spend more time with us right ??" and Bentley says "yeah " don't really think that was her place she isnt married to Ryan there just dating it might be something a wife would say but a girl friend No . And then they get to Maci. And Ryan makes his request known she says  we will have to talk even though she had her own thing she wanted to talk about which was her moving to Nashville and since his request is enough for her she decides not to say anything yet . 

       Maci then goes the next day to talk to her good friend Taylor about what Ryan was asking for with Bentley and him wanting to change there custody arangment and that he wants another day a week like  Thursday and the fact that she hasnt told him yet of her plans to move. As far as Ryan goes she thinks that Ryan knows she is seeing someone in nashville and that the person lives out of town she just doesnt think he knows she plans to move there to be closer to Kyle and the fact that went Maci and Ryan went for child support that he is trying to get out of paying less support because they base how many days out the year Maci has Bentley verse's how many days Ryan has Bentley so she thinks he is trying to get out of paying more for in essence get more days with him so as to pay less for supporting him to pay her i belive the sum  of $234.00 a month he wants to get him more so as to pay less is what she tells her girlfriend Taylor and she tells Taylor also that she has not yet told him of her plans to move to Nashville either so as to be closer to Kyle

         Maci text's Ryan to tell him that she is not going to change the custody arrangements while ryan is eating out with a group of friends and the girl friend Catherine and Ryan talks to his friends too about wanting to get more time with Bentley and Bentley needing his daddy more Ryan even talks to them about maybe taking her to court so that he can get more time with him cause he realizes that since she meaning Maci is the mom she could move like 5 hours away and there would be nothing he could do about it .

       Ryan then goes to talk to lawyer and he talks to him about a DNA test which he says to him that he is not worried about that he knows that Bentley belongs to him but Ryan says what he is worried about is the mother Maci taking off and leaving state with his child yes because she does have a boy friend that doesn't live near were they both are and that he (meaning Kyle lives in Nashville ) and that happens to be about 120 miles from were they live and that if they were to put in a order that it would stop her from doing so with out the courts approval because of the legislation and that  if there is no court pending at least in court that he could in essence be getting the raw end of a deal here  and and since court is really expensive how does the non employed Ryan plans to put such a order in place and and if you don't have a court order and  that  since Maci has the majority of control and Ryan has very little that since Bentley is mostly with Maci that she in essence controls Bentley and in essence could also be in control of Ryan too and then the lawyer asks if his parents were planning to help him with getting such a action put in place and he says yes that they do that

             Maci says that Ryan hasn't talked to her at all since she said that she is not going to change the custody arrangements at all and then Ryan shows her and tells her that he would like to go to mediation and that he would like to separate Bentley as such 3 days with him and 3 days with her and she says even if they go to mediation that he is not going to get any more than he already has and split him up like that  meaning Bentley up like that will be way to messy  and then he asks her if she plans to move to Nashville and she says Yeah and he says see that's why i am trying to do this then and then and Maci says well i guess we will have to go to court then but i really dont think your gonna get more time than what you already have cause your plan is messy with 3 days and 3 days  Ryan talks to his parents about it and he tells them that she plans on moving and that you really do need to pursue the legal actions so as to not move baby Bentley  that far away then and Maci talks to i believe her mom on the phone and why she should have even let Ryan act like a dad when he didn't even act like one for Bentley his whole first year and that her plans to move might now be ruined by Ryan while in complete and udder tears  feel free to tell me what you think thanks for reading 

And next up on the agenda is Cate-lynn and the Prom Queen and i will be doing that blog sometime tomorrow for sure so as to finish up my week before the new show airs at 10 pm tomorrow night