Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catelynns step dad Butch gets ordered to court ordered rehab

  At the first of the show regarding Cate Lynn and Tyler.Tyler gets advice from his dad Butch about what was going on between him and Cate Lynn and the phone record requesting even though that whole situation had gotten over to blown over by the time that Butch got to his side of trying to help his son Tyler Michigan State tells Butch that he has to go to court ordered rehab and Cate Lynn worries about at first how this is going to affect her boy friend Tyler.

        Butch  tells Tyler about him being ordered in to court ordered rehab and tells Tyler that he is not sure how long that they are going to order him to stay there it will eigher be for 60 or 90 days (Cate Lynn hopes for the 90 days at first even though she doesn't know how it will affect the tornado that both she and Tyler will have to both live in so that her step dad Butch will get the help that he needs. Cate Lynn and Tyler talk about the mess they would both be in if they would have decided to keep there baby Carly. For little Carly i think they did the right thing they put both of there own needs for there child first instead of doing the opposite and keeping her  

      Butch then goes to rehab driven there by only Cate Lynn's mom April while both Cate Lynn and Tyler are both at school. Butch then tells the people who he first speaks with at rehab that he has been into cocaine Once both Cate Lynn and Tyler get home from school Catelynn askes Tyler how long he will be gone Tyler just tells her that he is over it he has just decided to accept Butch just the way that he is but to be honest maybe things might change but then again maybe they wont i think only time will tell.

       Cate Lynn told us this week in the show that she feels like the only thing that keeps her mom April half way sane was her step dad Butch he helps to keep her balanced and now that he is gone things between her mom April and her gets a little heated Cate Lynn's mom April takes Butch being gone out on her saying " there suppose to be a family. And that Cate Lynn needs to come out of the closet which is her room and help them out. Or she can become a roommate and start paying rent.

     After Cate Lynns spat with her mom April she calls boyfriend Tyler and he comes to rescue her for a bit and she talks to Tylers mom and gets a bit of solace from her because at one time Tylers mom was once married to him too. Dont really know how long Cate Lynn stays with Tyler but then Tyler takes her home and Cate Lynn decides she is going to try her best to make effort and make it work with her mom April by doing some dishes and cleaning her room. April says thanks and then askes if they should order pizza for dinner even though April is still holding some bits of anger toward her daughter while writing her hubby butch who sits in court ordered rehab .