Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hope every one is rooting for this couple like me: Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn and Tyler look like there relationship is seriously on some rocky ground this week. On teen mom and I think Catelynn thought that it was seriously going to end at some point soon. Because of the way that Tyler the one who was so strong for her in the past got really mean towards her. By  first asking her for phone records from three years back.  Since she talked to the ex boy friend in Florida lots of tears were shed this week from Catelynn because of the way Tyler  treated her.

And Catelynn chatted the Tyler about the phone records and she told him that she talked to the ex in Flordia a total of only twice but that she also tried 6 times to talk to he and her got into a heated conversation were it ends in Tyler leaving the room after Catelynn trys bringing in the baby carylee into it thats when Tyler i guess decides he has had enough and walks out .

       Catelynn then talks to the counselor that they have been seeing about what was going on because she was hurting so bad and she couldn't talk to her mom about it cause her mom was in a bad mood. And Catelynn tells the counselor that he has requested her to give him phone records she also told her that  Tyler has been being really mean to her and texting her mean things to her telling her that the sight of her disgusts him and that she tried to sit down and talk to him about everything that was going on. And then  she got some encouraging words from the counselor telling her to hang in there and things will get better and that maybe she needs to back off a little and give him a little space to breath its obvious that he still wants to be with her other wise they wouldn't be seeing her.

       Catelynn and Tyler then get some Easter Baskets to send to there daughter and they get to see new photos of her and Catelynn then tells her mom that she wants to try and talk to him again about the phone records but she says she is not going to push it . Catelynn then gets the phone records from the phone company that Tyler  requested from her and Tyler has a nice conversation with his mom outside in the back yard and though that conversation comes to realize that he really does love Catelynn. And Catelynn worries about giving the records to Tyler considering how mean he has been to her and the fact that he is what she says is so mad at her and he texts to tell her that he is sorry and that he really does love her and he requests to see her And she gives him the phone records which since he has told her sorry they end up kissing and making up and tyler shreds and throws the records  out into the water .
            And tells her that he is going to do his best to trust her and have the faith in her that he knew was there for her all along i think tyler may need to go in to some of his own counsling because of the things that seem to bother him about his and his dads realionship does anyone eles feel this way cause when he was talking to his mom he expressed thoughts there with his and his dads reaionship so maybe that is gonna need some work in the near future for Tyler some how i have noticed that every time he talks about him and Catelynn and the things going on with them some how his dad alawys gets brought into that too not really sure what this is all about but just some thoughts from me and wondering what its all about  feel free to tell me what you think would love to hear from you